All Aboard for a Pentravel Career!

Imagine boarding one of the most fun cruise ships to sail the South African waters, with your awesome new colleagues in tow, armed with dress-up gear and directions from your company CEO to have a total ball?

That’s the Newie Cruise – a tradition at Pentravel – and something all new starters get to enjoy in the first year of their Pentravel career. Spoken about as much as the year-end PenPalace Awards, the Newie Cruise brings together all our Newies from across South Africa to enjoy a fun-filled weekend aboard the MSC Musica, complete with activities, drink stops and onboard deck dances!

All Aboard for a Pentravel Career! Newie Cruise


Some of our newest Pentravel members shared what the most recent Newie Cruise has meant to them:

“I never really understood what my manager meant when she told me that in Pentravel you make lifelong friendships along the way until I went on the Newie Cruise. I met people as weird and as full of life as I am, including the regional managers and our CEO!” – Naledi

“I became friends with people I never thought I would have. This is honestly the best way for us Newies to bond and get to know each other.” – Simone

All Aboard for a Pentravel Career! Newie Cruise

“It was my birthday, and I was SO celebrated by people who have now become my dearest friends and family. Never in my life have I had “happy birthday” sung to me so often by the crew on board the ship, at dinner, on the bus and the plane! Such is the culture at Pentravel.” – Nyasha

“Never in my wildest dreams did I expect so much. Pentravel senior management, as well as all the regional managers and trainers, really made me feel like I was part of the family, from the way they greet you, to them always checking if you are okay or need anything while you’re on board.” – Shanice

The Newie Cruise is all about having fun, bonding and getting to know each other, but it also gives a little taste of what it is like to work in the travel industry. Cruises are one of the most popular holidays sold by Pentravel, and so the Newies got fantastic insights into how they work and what to expect.

All Aboard for a Pentravel Career! Newie Cruise


Nyasha said: “The cruise was planned so perfectly; our flights, transfers, the room list, and activities, right down to when and where we would meet for drinks. This made it extra special. We learnt a lot about the culture of cruising, and how the ships function.”

The culture at Pentravel is genuinely one of inclusivity, making sure that everyone has a part to play, and making sure that they know their role is just as important as the next person!

Allowing our newest members the chance to bond and form special friendships early on in their career at Pentravel means they have a fantastic grounding in the company, and feel connected and plugged in.

Naledi had this to say: “This was the best experience to introduce us to this amazing company; I truly understand why we go the extra mile for our clients because we go the extra mile for each other!”

And that indeed sums it up. 

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