An Insight into the Pentravel Auction

By July 31, 2019 Incentives

One of the absolute highlight each year is the much-anticipated Pentravel Auction! We sat down with National Sales Manager Nicole Coetzer and got the downlow on what it’s all about and why there is such competition!

What is the Pentravel auction?

Its an exciting evening where our consultants get to bid for amazing prizes. Think a Sotheby’s auction but much more colourful and a lot louder . The consultants bid using Pentravel’s own unique and valuable currency the PenZAR .

Tell us about PenZARS! How do you earn PenZARS, and how do they work when bidding in the Auction?

Oh my word you can earn it in so many ways . Throughout the year we have various incentives that drive performance and customer service, and when you achieve these you get rewarded with PenZARS. We also get some from our CEO Paulo on our birthdays. Each PenZAR is equivalent to one rand , but we attach our own value to the prizes to keep the consultants guessing.

How many auctions have you hosted at Pentravel?

This was our 5th Auction and they just get better and better . Each year we have a dedicated theme to keep the excitement going, from Monopoly to LEGO World to the most recent and best Candyland theme .

What do your team need to do to be really successful at the Auction, any sneaky tips?

Sit in the front. Take a lot of chances especially on the mystery boxes that can be anything from a chocolate to a week in Thailand. Enjoy the evening!

What types of prizes can you expect to receive?

Something for everyone, from days off, spa treats, shopping vouchers and loads of amazing travel opportunities. Most of our prizes are sponsored by extremely generous suppliers who see the benefit in being involved in this highly anticipated annual event.

Cape Auction with Pentravel 2019

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