Embracing individuality is what strengthens our culture, bringing together the type of people that inspire, motivate and drive each other.

At Pentravel, we only employ outstanding people; humble yet determined, modest yet fearless, self-motivated and fired-up, passionate individuals, with a burning desire to succeed. We’re all about teamwork and believe in building strong teams before all other strategies. Pentravel People can sometimes be a little weird and often a little out-there, but their team spirit and ability to have fun are what sets them apart.

To be a member of our team, you don’t even need to have worked in the travel industry. But, you do need to be passionate about travel and travelled internationally, but if you haven’t, we may consider you as an apprentice. You will need to have worked for at least 18 months (in any field) and have achieved results in your previous role. Plus, you’d need to have completed your tertiary education (we don’t mind what you studied, we just want to know that you have the grit to finish what you start). If you’re a Pentravel Person, you’re someone who is driven to succeed and who shares your success with others; you’re someone who thrives on a challenge, is not afraid of hard work and who appreciates being richly rewarded and recognised for your achievements.


At the heart of Pentravel is a highly incentivised approach to sales in which entrepreneurs flourish. Most of the income earned by our Travel Advisors is made up of incentive commission. In your first month, earnings will not exceed R7 000, but all training is paid for by Pentravel. Between your second and fourth month with us, you can expect to earn between R8 000 and R10 000. After that, there’s no limit to what you can earn. We always say it’s not about the money, but many consultants have made R100 000 in one month – proof that you can write your pay cheque.


Just because you’re earning commission doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to take a well-deserved break. Pentravel IS THE ONLY RETAIL COMPANY that has a variable leave pay policy, which means you can go on leave knowing your holiday will not impact your commission earnings and leave you out of pocket. We want you to enjoy your break, which is why we’ll pay you a monthly commission average (based on your previous three months’ performance) while you’re away. You get 15 annual leave days when you start out with us and 1 extra day per year after 5 years, up to a maximum of 20 days annual leave.


Training & personal development is so important to Pentravel that it’s one of the key areas which sets us apart. So, whether you’re a Newbie or a Regional Sales Manager, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a structured training programme to ensure you not only reach your potential but that you exceed even your greatest expectations. We’re here to help you reach for the stars!


Relationships: We build strong teams first, before all other strategies.
Recruitment: We employ outstanding people.
Results: High achievers have great expectations.
Reward: Entrepreneurs flourish in our environment.
Responsibility: Eat the frog.
Referrals: From our raving fans.
Recognition: We celebrate our heroes.
Rock’n’Roll: Blur the lines between work and play.
Retention: We create a sense of belonging.


'My secret to Success' is making an effort to build a relationship with my clients, not to see them as another number, but to see their dreams unfold before their eyes. As a result of my hard work and passion my commission earnings are fabulous. I love my Team Members and couldn’t imagine not working with people, let alone doing anything else. Pentravel Rocks my World.

Martine Brown - Elite Expert

I LOVE to travel! I have qualified as both a High Climber and Club 55 and spoilt for choice to have the opportunity to visit either the USA or the Maldives. Working for and with such a dynamic company that really wants you to succeed and with such fantastic support I am glad to be a part of the Pentravel family.

Jennifer Sterley – High Climber, Pen Elites winner & Regional Trainer

Six years ago I was clueless about what I wanted out of life and my career. I started at Pentravel thinking this is just going to be another day-to-day job, but boy was I wrong. From the beginning I had amazing support getting my career started. Yes, I said career because working for Pentravel you will learn all the skills to becoming successful. I have never been rewarded for all my hard work as much as I have at Pentravel. I’ve travelled to Zanzibar, Australia, Mauritius, Europe, Britain, and Thailand. Finally, last year I was privileged enough to do the Lares Track to Machu Picchu, it was truly amazing and such eye opener.

Landi Groenwald – Pen Elites winner

WOW – What an amazing eleven years I’ve had working for Pentravel. At my first year end function I was awarded Top Newie and rewarded with an educational to Mauritius. Before long I had travelled to Zanzibar , Seychelles, Dubai, Thailand and Australia. Not only does working for Pentravel offer travel perks but also the joy of planning client’s holidays, the look on a clients face when they are moments away from departing on their dream holiday that I assisted in planning!

Roxanne Parfitt