Deirdre de Swardt: Delivering Amazing Service at Pentravel

By August 22, 2018 Successful Consultants

Hiring people who are passionate about what they do, and who take every opportunity to succeed in their role, is what makes us tick! One of these amazing people is Deirdre de Swardt, an experienced Pentravel consultant who believes strongly that personal experiences go a long way.

We sat down with Deirdre to ask her a couple of questions about her time at Pentravel. If you’re thinking about a career in travel, read on!

Tell us a little bit about your journey at Pentravel.

I started at Pentravel back in August 2006, so I’ve been with the company for just over 12 years. I have achieved a number of fantastic incentives and awards in this time, and I’m so proud to be part of such an incredible family!

What is your favourite destination to sell to South Africans?

The USA! Wow, there’s just so much to see and do; it is always so much fun to put a quote together.

Deidre de Swardt - Pentravel Careers

Tell us about your favourite travel experience.

It has to have been trekking Machu Picchu! It was the most incredible experience, although very challenging, it was one of my greatest accomplishments.

What drives you to deliver customer excellence?

The satisfaction of knowing that I have made my clients happy and found them the best possible holiday for their needs.

How do you maintain your excellent reputation for delivering amazing service?

I always give every single one of my clients the same service whether they are booking a ticket to Cape Town or a Round-the-World Cruise – every holiday means something to them, so it means something to me! I always give 110%.

What advice do you have for people looking for a career in travel?

This is not a job to just ‘pass the time’; it is a career that you need to have a strong passion for, as that is the only way you will make it a success for yourself. It is a challenging job, but the rewards are just amazing if you work hard and keep your clients happy and coming back for more!

Sounds like you? Apply now and start your journey at Pentravel today.

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