Hard Work and Determination Equal Success at Pentravel

One of our top travel consultants shares her Pentravel success story.

Always interested in the travel industry, Lindsey studied tourism before working in Scotland for two years. When her visa expired, she added a photography course to her arsenal of skills and worked on cruise ships for a few years.

“Like many people, the travel bug bit me,” she says. “I knew I had to stay in travel because it is such a rewarding job. What better way is there to explore more of this beautiful world we live in?”

Lindsay Zietsman - Skiing in Europe

Two non-negotiable requirements are needed to apply for a career at Pentravel: a completed tertiary qualification (in any field) and international travel experience. While Lindsey had studied tourism, this didn’t automatically qualify her for a position with the company. After her first unsuccessful application, she went abroad. Her second application was rejected as she was unable to come back to South Africa to attend her interview. Undaunted, and displaying the typical grit that we admire in our travel consultants, Lindsey applied a third time.

“I was adamant that I would work for Pentravel,” she says. “Third time lucky! Pentravel is the best company by far.”

Lindsey’s typical day at work begins with checking in on her clients and troubleshooting any problems that have arisen. She then works on quotes, a task that teaches her something new every day. “Every quote brings new challenges,” she says. “Some quotes require in-depth research, which is how I learn about new destinations.”

Lindsay Zietsman - In Vietnam with Colleagues

Learning is an ongoing pursuit if you want to be successful at Pentravel. Since her time with the company, Lindsey has mastered the art of multitasking and time management, learned to be more patient, and honed her communication skills. “I’ve learned how to communicate with my clients in a way that I get excited about their travels,” she says, adding that this has helped her clients to become comfortable around her and return to her time and again for their travel planning.

Not alone in her learning, Lindsey attributes much of her personal growth and career success to the support she has received from Pentravel. She admits that when she began her career, she was terrible at managing her time, but her colleagues were eager to share their time management strategies with her. She’s also learned from their experience in how to deal with the myriad challenges that arise.

Challenges are part of the job, but according to Lindsey, it’s important not to take things personally. “I don’t receive many complaints from clients, but there are occasions when a customer is unhappy – whether with a hotel I suggested or airline seating changes that I have no control over,” she says. “I’m thankful that I work with very experienced colleagues and that we help each other out in these situations.”

Lindsay Zietsman - In Mauritius

Of course, working for Pentravel means the perks outweigh the challenges. Lindsey travels on average three times every year and relishes the Pentravel Fanclubs, where she gets to celebrate with colleagues from other branches. The Pentravel year-end function is another highlight for Lindsey, who calls it “the event of the year.”

However, a career in travel is not as glamorous as it looks. “It is hard work and can be very stressful,” says Lindsey. “It’s not easy when you start out, but when you start getting those fantastic salaries, you’ll never look back.”

If you are interested in a career as a travel agent, Lindsey says that you need to be focused and driven, as well as be passionate about travel. “Pentravel has given me so many opportunities to grow in my job. I love coming to work every day, knowing that for the next eight hours I’m doing something that I love.”

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