Julie’s Incentive Trip: A Luxury Uniworld Boutique Cruise in France!

One of our Pentravel stars, Julie Katopodis, gave us some feedback on the incentive trip she enjoyed in December 2018: cruising on board a luxury Uniworld river boat in France! We asked her how she managed to qualify for this incredible incentive experience.

Which Uniworld journey did you experience?

Parisian Royal Holiday, in Dec 2018

How did you qualify for this amazing trip?

I qualified for Club 85 – in which my commission average for the year was above 85,000. It is the top incentive at Pentravel, and a highly sought after one! It is also the one in which you can share with and take along  your partner, so it was wonderful having my husband travel with me, and experience this incredible journey.

How do travel incentives motivate you to give of your best?

We sell so many exciting, interesting destinations, travel incentives give you the drive and determination to be able to experience these places yourself.

Tell us about your trip highlights?

France has always been very special to me, since I was a child, and going back there on this wonderful, luxurious journey reminded me why I love it so much! My highlights would be visiting the palaces and castles, steeped in so much culture and history, such as the Palace of Versailles. I may be a bit of a history and museum nerd!

Visiting these historical places is special, but on the excursions provided by Uniworld, we were really treated like VIP’s. We were given instant access, no queues, top class guides and door to door service. It felt like we didn’t need to do our own thinking for the entire week! On board the riverboat, the highlight was the impeccable, individual service given to us, and the food… wow! Top-quality French cuisine.

What’s next on your travel horizon?

At our year-end awards last year, I won a trip for 2 to Egypt for a week. This was for being the top supporter and seller for a supplier, and hence won this prize. Egypt has always fascinated me, and I hope to incorporate that week in Egypt with a trip to Europe during this year.

What tips do you have for Newies wanting to join our amazing team?

The beginning can seem daunting, as there is a lot to learn and grasp, but take it step by step. We have an incredible training program, so stick to the steps they teach you, and you’ll understand the processes, and feel confident to sell in no time. The admin plays a role, but focus on being an incredible sales person, create a relationship and trust with your clients, and they’ll trust and come back to you non-stop.

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