Kevin’s Take on the The Pentravel Newie Cruise

By January 28, 2019 April 15th, 2019 Educationals & Travel, Newie Cruise

By Kevin Donovan, Pentravel Newie

Since those first nervous moments applying at Pentravel there has been mention of the legendary Newie Cruise. As I was researching Pentravel while waiting to find out if my online application was approved, I came across some Pentravel marketing material for the Newie Cruise and the memories you can expect to make. I found this very exciting and as someone who has cruised before I was looking forward to seeing what makes the MSC Newie Cruise so special.

The Pentravel Newies Cruise

The Pentravel Newies Cruise

The hype started to set in the day we received our documents: custom-designed with special touches and personal notes. This reminded me of a saying I once heard about making good food, the secret is cooking for people you care about. I really felt valued when I saw the effort that was put into our travel documents, t-shirts and open lines of communication.  Pentravel truly lives the values they set out for their employees, all the way to the top!

Take a group of strangers with similar interests and passions, put them all on a boat together and you create a cocktail of fun! (pun intended). It was amazing being able to relate to so many people at once. Spending time (however short) in such close proximity to others speeds up the process of getting to know someone.  Two days is not nearly enough time to walk a mile in someone else’s’ shoes, but it is possible to lay the foundations of a long-lasting professional relationship.

The Pentravel Newies Cruise

Pentravel employs outstanding people and this is absolutely reflected in the Newies and their energy. Being able to see that energy at a managerial level was mind-blowing. The Regional Managers and Trainers who came along with us on the cruise are absolute brand ambassadors, they live and breathe Pentravel. It takes a truly remarkable individual to manage without micromanaging, advising without commanding and always being available for a quick heart-to-heart. Upper management does this flawlessly.

On the second day we all drew numbers and got sorted into groups, where we had the opportunity to sit with the Pen Legends and ask a few questions. We got to learn more about each other and the people who are there to help us along the way to greatness.

The Pentravel Newies Cruise

I felt that for many Newies the cruise was a real eye-opening experience. To take in all the ship has to offer, to discover things you never knew about your co-workers and to have fun the way we want our clients to have fun, was just the best. Traveling is not about check-ins or likes – being able to have an experience that leaves a lasting memory is what it is all about for me, and the Newie Cruise was truly unforgettable.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to get meet so many amazing people and look forward to getting to know them a little better.

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