Pentravel Recruitment 101: Advice from HR Officer, Sally Roberts

By June 17, 2021 July 6th, 2021 Successful Consultants

Pentravel sure is a popular place to work! With a fantastic culture, amazing incentives, and opportunities to earn excellent commission based on hard work and determination, we see hundreds of applications each month.

Want to know how to get in the front door? We sat down with HR Officer Sally Roberts to give us the downlow on what the Pentravel team looks for in a sales consulting role, as well as some tips when applying!

Sally, what characteristics do you look for in a potential sales consultant?

I believe you really need to have the right attitude and work ethic, along with a winning personality. Confidence certainly comes with competence, but you really need to be able to deal with different types of people on a daily basis. Plus, let’s not forget the multi-tasking skills!

How can an applicant make a good impression when applying online?

I can’t stress enough how important it is to present a well laid-out CV. It really makes all the difference to a recruiter who is looking at dozens of applications daily. Make yours stand out! Here are my tips:

  • Keep your CV to a maximum of 2 pages.
  • Provide an accurate timeline of your employment history. If there’s a gap, give a reason!
  • Always – ALWAYS – double-check your spelling and grammar.
  • Sell yourself in a motivational cover letter – this is your chance to show off your personality in your own words.
  • Complete the application form in full and answer all the questions, even if you feel you are repeating yourself. ‘Not applicable’ should not be used.

What type of person is usually successful in a consultation role?

We have such a diverse range of personalities within our sales team; you really can’t pinpoint whether an extroverted peoples-person or an introverted task-oriented person is more successful than the other. However, it’s clear to me that those who are driven to succeed are the most successful sales consultants.

Kaiti - New Pentravel Hire

Kaiti – New Pentravel Hire


What are the key deciding factors in making an offer to someone?

Our recruitment process is lengthy and detailed so that we give the candidate a full picture of what the role entails, while ensuring we employ outstanding people to join our team.

Ultimately, we look for an element of warmth from the person. Do I feel comfortable with this person? Because if I do, our clients will too!

Tell us about some of your recent recruits?

Joy Shongwe (25 / Pentravel Musgrave)

Joy is a Bachelor of Science in Psychology graduate with no international travel experience. She originally applied for a position within our finance department but it was clear from the get-go that she would be more suited for a sales consultant position. She is a determined overachiever with a beautiful personality who has been in her new role for a month and is already showing signs of being a successful agent.

Kaiti Faul (23 / Pentravel Pietermaritzburg)

Kaiti and I corresponded for a year whilst she was working in the USA as an au pair. I enjoyed reading her application which showed her enthusiasm for life and travel and knew then she would be a good fit for Pentravel. Every couple of months I would touch base with her and when she eventually settled back in South Africa, we started the recruitment process and she was hired #wevegotpatience!

Mbali & Caid - New Pentravel Hires

Mbali & Caid – New Pentravel Hires


Mbaliyethu Buthelezi (24 / Pentravel Fourways)

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again! I met Mbali in Durban earlier in the year, and although I loved her personality, it wasn’t the right time for her. Having only been to Canada when she was a child, I suggested she do more research into travel destinations and touch up on her general travel knowledge and reapply. A few months later, living in Johannesburg, she reapplied and is currently working in our Fourways Mall branch!

Shevani Naidoo (23 / Pentravel Cape Gate)

Shevani’s background was in the film and TV industry having studied a Bachelor of Arts, but she was on the lookout for a job she could be passionate about and fortunately, we could offer her just that. This team member beams sunshine and totally believes in our values. It just shows you, you can make your own dreams come true with a little passion and determination!

Shevani & Joy - New Pentravel Hires

Shevani & Joy – New Pentravel Hires


Caid Aspden  ( 27 / Pentravel Rosebank)

Caid was a professional bartender and events assistant for many years as he completed his studies. He showed us he was goal-driven when working behind the bar to save money for his move to London, in order to fulfill his dream of travelling Europe. This fueled his passion for travel, culture and history, which made him a perfect fit for our sales consultant role.

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