Pentravel’s Flying Superhero – Mel Tester

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Mel Tester has soared into our record books with her incredible career at Pentravel, culminating in being named The Mayor of 2017 (more on that later). And by soared, we literally mean she flew!

A few years ago, Mel survived a rather severe skydiving accident which saw her landing in a desolate valley, being found by startled locals, and rock climbing out with a broken foot. After three years, which included seven operations, the nickname “Mel of the Jungle” and learning how to crutch and hold a glass of wine at the same time, Mel is back on her feet.

“We all get stressed at times, but take a step back and breathe. Everything is fixable, and stress does not help anyone!”

Mel Tester the Winner

We asked Mel how she keeps smiling day after day: “It’s the people. Coming to work every day with your best mates having so much fun, and travelling whenever possible… how can you not smile every day?”


And travel is not something Mel is joking about! A veteran visitor to Mauritius (the last count was over 20 times) which included getting engaged, getting married and honeymooning on the island, she has also enjoyed her fair share of international travel.

She went on her first Highclimbers incentive trip in 2011 to Egypt, which was followed by an incredible journey through the USA the following year. She then hit her highest sales targets yet and joined The Club, Pentravel’s group of top performing consultants.

As part of this elite club, between 2013 and 2017 she enjoyed trips to Greece, Thailand, Punta Cana, skiing in Europe and a luxury cruise. Winning!  

“Relationships are most important. Give time to reps and clients. Even if you are busy, you can always stay 10 minutes late.”

It hasn’t all been trips and travel adventures; Mel has put in an exceptional amount of work to get where she is today: Manager of Pentravel Hillcrest and an Elite Consultant. Starting in 2004, Mel has worked at two Pentravel stores and has been the Top Consultant at Hillcrest since joining in 2009.

We asked her what advice she would give to herself 13 years ago, or to a Newie just starting out: “Perseverance… getting to speed can take some time, and everyone is different. Once it clicks, everything becomes so much easier!”

In November 2017, the entire Pentravel family gathered at a secret airport hangar in Durban for the event of the year: the PenPalace Awards Evening! And Mel Tester walked away with the most coveted award of the night: The Mayor.

Pentravel CEO Paulo De Oliveira says: “The Pentravel Mayor is the most prestigious accolade given to the best all rounded and balanced individual. One who proudly lives Pentravel values and is fully committed to their colleagues’ growth; a high performer and consistently growing our culture.” Without a doubt, Mel is a worthy recipient of this award.

Mel Tester - Pentravel Mayor 2017

Mel Tester - Pentravel Mayor 2017

Pentravel is continually looking for outstanding individuals who can shine in all that they do. Mel Tester was one of these young Newies who took the challenge head-on and has achieved her dreams.

Mel’s top tip? “Try and do things out of your comfort zone. Embrace change, and smash your goals! Every day is a new adventure so make the most of it!”

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