Pria’s Road to the Top: From Newie to Store Manager

For some the road to the top is fraught with challenges, for others it is a steady climb, making use of experience and the right equipment along the way.

At Pentravel we are committed to ensuring every single travel consultant has the opportunity to grow and succeed, providing our team with the best tools and right experience for the job.

An excellent example of this is our most recent PenPals cover star, Pria Govender, the current Store Manager of our Galleria branch in Durban. PenPals is our internal magazine, highlighting the latest Pentravel events, achievements and news. Pria started at Pentravel way back in 2009, when Instagram wasn’t even a thing yet, and where she began to get to grips with selling holidays to South Africans as a ‘Newie’.

Pria Govender - Galleria Store Manager

Pria applied herself exceptionally well in her first year, and in 2010 she made the very first Highclimbers incentive – a trip up Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro. Highclimbers is an individual incentive where consultants compete with no one but themselves to reach a specified sales target. She joined a group of other achievers to plant Pentravel’s flag at the top of Uhuru Peak. “My best travel memory with Pentravel was definitely my very first Highlimber trip; I had to learn how to cope without the essentials (such as a toilet!), and while it was the most difficult trip, it was definitely the most memorable!”

2010 wasn’t just a year of extraordinary travel; Pria won the Top 10 Most Improved award at PenPalace that year, tied the knot and bought her first house! We asked Pria what advice she has for new travel agents joining the business: “It is not always easy to stay positive when you are having a bad month, but you should never give up. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day”. It seems like even superstars have tough days.

Between 2012 and 2016, Pria continued to grow as a travel consultant within Pentravel and won several promotions. She became an Expert and then qualified as an Elite Agent in 2014 when she also won the Top Trafalgar Consultant Nationally (for the second year in a row). Pria shares what qualities she feels you need to be a successful travel consultant:

“I feel for me, it is dedication, together with patience and perseverance.”

Pria Govender - Galleria Store Manager

Pria is an excellent example of how far hard work can take you, and her sales achievements over the past few years have meant she’s enjoyed further Highclimber trips to the Great Wall of China and skiing in Austria with Contiki. We asked Pria about her favourite travel opportunity. “The Trafalgar Acclaim trip in 2016! It was a Christmas Markets tour, and I just loved the people with whom I was lucky enough to travel. It was such a unique type of holiday, visiting Europe in Winter. I wish everyone could experience a Christmas Market at least once in their life!”

This year Pria was promoted to Store Manager of our Galleria store (and also won the title of Pentravel Family Day Cook-Off Champ thanks to her delicious Butter Chicken recipe). What’s next for Pria? “It’s my dream to visit the southernmost tip of South America, Patagonia”. Well, Pria, with your attitude and incredible work ethic, the stars are not far off either!

Have you got what it takes to succeed as a Pentravel consultant? We are looking for passionate, driven individuals who are committed to learning, growing and establishing themselves in the travel industry. The climb is hard, but the rewards are worth it! Apply Now. 

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  • Gugulethu Motsoeneng says:

    As a newie, I am truly inspired. This journey is scary and exciting at the same time. I feel with dedication anything it’s possible.

    Thank you for sharing Pria’s story, it will be my go to story every time the going gets tough.

  • Maureen jabu ndabezitha says:

    I would like to congratulate Pria for her achievement, she deserve it. When I see her for the first-time at the pavilion mall, asking her about a cruise trip, she help me with a smile. She is a good human being. She prepared my trip which is on the 2nd of February 2018. Thank you Pria.

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