Star Apprentice: Lerushca Shares Her Experience

When did you join Pentravel? 

My amazing Pentravel journey started on the 2nd of July 2018, as an intern at the City Bowl – now Cape Online –branch 

What qualifications did you have when you joined?

I was in my 3rd year of studying a Tourism Management Diploma course at Prestige Academy. I needed to complete 600 hours in the industry of my course in order to graduate and becoming an intern then gave me this opportunity. 

What is your biggest challenge as an Apprentice Newie? 

The main challenge of an apprentice or newie comes from inexperience; being that you’ve not experienced a foreign country to the extent of being knowledgeable about the best spots to dine and for sightseeing. I found that learning about the various suppliers and their specializations was also a bit of a challenge. But, once you’ve learnt this; you’re good to go for good. 

What is your biggest success as an Apprentice Newie? 

Where do I start? I take every small accomplishment as a victory or success. Whether it was nailing the sale and making a big booking or achieving my goal I set out for myself – which was to be a Beachcomber Minion. I tirelessly worked towards this and can now victoriously say that I’m finally going to live out a dream and I am forever grateful to the company for this amazing opportunity! Yay!  

What incentives are available for Newies? 

Gosh, there are so many to choose from; however my personal favorites have got to be the Beachcomber Minions and Thai-morrowland!

 What tips do you have for an aspiring Apprentice Newie? 

Remember that knowledge is power. Work doesn’t end when you leave the office; you need to be constantly researching destinations you aren’t familiar with to show that you are a step above the rest. Think about it; what makes you different from other travel agents? Your brand is your business. 

Tell us a bit about the role of an Apprentice at Pentravel, what do you do day-to-day? 

Well, these days, my days run pretty similar to those of agents. I profile suppliers, research suppliers and the destinations, source rates from suppliers and aim to sell my options well in order to avoid repeatedly readjusting quotes to clients. 

What are your career aspirations at Pentravel? 

 continue to aim for my short term and long-term goals at Pentravel. I really want to channel my love for people into my service delivery and transform my current clientele into life-long clients. 

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