Starry Smiles and Sunshine: An Interview with National Sales Manager Nicole

By May 17, 2021 July 6th, 2021 Career Development, Successful Consultants

With a stellar personal sales record and a sky-rocketing career at Pentravel, National Sales Manager Nicole is certainly one to tell a story of success. She is also quite possibly, the smiliest person we know! And this is because she lives and breathes the Pentravel motto: Delivering Sunshine.

We sat down with Nicole to ask her all about this Sunshine philosophy and why it means so much to have a company filled with happy people.

Nicole, what does it mean to ‘deliver sunshine’?

Delivering sunshine really started with wanting to ensure that everyone within the business lived a happy life, really cultivating an atmosphere of happiness among our staff which would mean it overflows into the interactions and engagements with our clients.

Why are Pentravel people so happy?

Pen people! Wow, they really just feel valued, they live a ‘brightness of future’, believing that they can really do anything and be anyone. At Pentravel, it’s not just a job, it’s a career. It’s not just something you do for 2 years and then move on, it’s about ensuring our staff feel valued and happy so that they stay and develop their careers here.

Nicole Coetzer - National Sales Manager Pentravel

What do you do as the National Sales manager, to ensure your teams remain happy and motivated?

I really try to be present in every moment I have with my teams. They need to feel listened to! I have regular one-on-ones with all my managers, which they in turn have with their store members. I don’t want to just sit in my office, I want to share my personal experiences (and that includes the challenges and difficulties as well as the highs). I have really been in almost every position in the company from a sales perspective so I understand what they are feeling and going through, right from the youngest, newest Newie through to our most senior managers.

What are the benefits of a happy workplace?

Clients love the caring environment we cultivate in our stores, and it really compliments our happiness-focused team vibe. The happier my teams are, the more excited our clients become – it’s a natural process for them.

We have productive people who are really excited to come to work and perform. I’m often at a braai or a gettogether on the weekend and so many people say, ‘Wow, you have the best job ever!’. And it’s true, the perks and benefits are amazing.

What processes are in place at Pentravel to ensure staff are supported, welcomed and lifted up?

We have monthly one-on-ones between myself and my regional managers, and between each regional manager and her respective store managers. They feel listened and valued, ensuring they are motivated to do their best and to go out and motivate their own store members.

We have such good training in place, covering our systems, products, sales and client profiling. The training adapts as you grow with Pentravel which is fantastic – you never stop learning; I certainly haven’t!

We also help our people. If something goes wrong, we’re there for them.

Nicole Coetzer - National Sales Manager Pentravel

Why is work / life balance so important?

We all work so hard, but it’s important to know you’re working for something. It’s so important to take regular leave so you feel refreshed and relaxed, and FOCUSED in your job. Clients and your team will pick up if you aren’t balancing your responsibilities.

We reward one person a year with our ultimate, Mayor of Pentravel Award which really spotlights someone who has got an amazing work / life balance, who has succeeded and achieved not only in the workplace but in their life too!

Finally, what has been your ‘sunshine moment’ at Pentravel?

I’ve been at Pentravel for 9 years, but one of the best moments for me was when I became the youngest Store Manager and in the quickest time period. Something I’m very proud of. Every promotion has been special for me: Trainer, Regional Manager and now National Sales Manager.

From a travel perspective, my highlights have been climbing the Great Wall of China and skiing in Austria. But really, when someone comes to me to ask for advice or when they remember something I told them in our one-to-ones, that is really a true Sunshine moment.

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