Why Our Top Consultants Sell Mauritius!

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For many a junior consultant, the task of meeting – and beating – your sales targets can be a daunting one. But learning how to chat with clients to understand their holiday dreams, and then fulfilling them, is just part of the journey to becoming a successful travel agent.

We spoke to our Top Consultants for the first quarter of 2018, and they’ve shared some inspirational tips on how to make it to the top while pleasing their clients at the same time. We’ve also asked them why Mauritius tends to be such a popular destination for South Africans (all that gorgeous sun, sand and surf!) and how they’ve applied the skills they’ve learnt over the years to not only reach their sales targets, but how they’ve made plenty of Mauritius beach holidays come true.

Why do you think you’ve been successful in reaching clients?

Marni (Top Planner): We have a very casual consulting environment, and I think I make them feel comfortable like they are guests in my own home.

Kamogelo (Top Agent): I try where I can to bring my personality into my work. Being patient and not giving up so quickly has also helped me a lot!

Our Top Consultants - Roxanne-&-Kamo

What tips would you give a junior consultant just starting out?

Anneri (Top Advisor): Put yourself in your client’s shoes! Think about what would make their trip special or more memorable and suggest it.

Roxanne Parfitt (Top Manager): I aim to be as consistent as possible and deliver on my promises. The minute you don’t follow through on something, you have lost that trust with your client!

Francesca (Top Independent Consultant): At the end of the day, it all boils down to impeccable service and efficiency as well as super-fast turnaround times. This gets you referrals and with time, a large repeat base of clients.

Why do you love what you do, and how has that helped you reach your sales targets?

Mel (Top Elite): After managing a shop for so long, I am back to focusing on my own sales and making target, and it has driven me more than ever to reach my goals!

Why do you think Mauritius is so well suited to South Africans?

Francesca: You can fly direct; it’s incomparable to any other destination if you have children, and the service and value for money are amazing!

Mel: Mauritius sells itself! It is a fantastic family holiday and ideal for honeymoons and anniversaries. It is a quick flight to stunning beaches and even better beach bars! Just all-around excellent value.

Marni: It’s an awesome sell for South Africans because there are resorts to suit all budgets AND the all-inclusive options of course!

Our Top Consultants - Pentravel Careers

What tips do you have for selling Mauritius as a holiday destination?

Anesta: Be confident, Mauritius is an easy destination to sell. Make sure to use your preferred suppliers, and you can’t go wrong! And remember, West is best!

Kamogelo: For me, profiling the client well before quoting and giving enough options so they can see the difference, inclusions and compare, has worked really well.

Roxanne: I really believe in selling the benefits of particular packages. I get to know why they want to visit Mauritius, and then work on how they will benefit from what we are offering. As soon as I see that AHA moment in their eyes, I know they’re ready to book their trip!

Without a doubt, a passion for what they do and a desire to achieve the best is what sets these consultants apart from the rest. Achieving your sales targets is always high on the priority list, but ensuring that each client feels taken care of, their needs and voices heard, and their dreams become a reality is just priceless.

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