What Does a Successful Career Look Like at Pentravel?

We really do have a great bunch at Pentravel. But as well as having some of the nicest, friendliest and compassionate people, we also have those that tick all the boxes of success and hard work. Mel Tester (featured previously here) is just one of those legends. Her career at Pentravel has spanned some 15 years, and her learning and experience during that time is without a doubt, a true insight to the aspiring newie. We sat down with Mel and asked her what a successful career looks like at Pen.

What do you believe makes you so successful at what you do?

Definitely a mix of knowledge, passion for travel, relationships with clients, and of course retention. I have been at Pentravel for 15 years and am still learning daily.

What’s the best advice you can give to aspiring travel agents?

Stick it out! There is so much to learn and it is tough in the beginning, but it gets so much easier and its such a fun, exciting, rewarding job. No two days are the same 🙂 Build relationships with clients and you will only keep growing. It’s a sales-based job, and each sale is exciting. You are making someone’s dreams come true.

Mel Tester - What Does Success Look Like at Pentravel

How often do you travel?

Approx 6 times a year I would say.. Yes, Im obsessed!

What is your earning potential like as a successful travel sales professional?

Fantastic. There is really great earning potential at Pentravel, as well as all of the travel opportunities and incentives!

Tell us what you do when things don’t work out as expected?

You constantly need to adapt, be calm and stay happy! Things don’t always run smoothly, but everything is fixable, and stressing has never helped anyone.

Mel Tester - What Does Success Look Like at Pentravel

How do you manage stress levels?

We all have those days, but we have such an awesome network at Pentravel, and when things are a bit stressful, everyone pulls together to help. It makes the job so much easier knowing you have support from everyone in the business, including senior management!

What’s the best part of your career at Pentravel?

How much time do you have? 🙂 I have loved every minute of my 15 year career at Pentravel. I am now an Elite Consultant and am enjoying focusing on sales, but I really loved my 9 years as a branch manager previously, and watching my team succeed. Both positions have been just as rewarding. Other than that, the amazing friendships I have built with colleagues and clients, and all the travel opportunities, I would say the two that stick out was getting the Mayor Award in 2017, and Top Consultant Nationally in 2018.

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